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Since we began our company, our team has been delivering on our promise

to provide unique designs that are both visually dynamic yet satisfying to

our customers'.  We pride ourselves on delivering that satisfaction to our clients.

Big Block Designs, brings passion and enthusiasm to every project.  Take a look 

at our projects gallery, and experience the beauty of passion and good design.

From unique original designs to complete renovations, we have you covered.

Steve Kirkpatrick

owner/design drafter

A lifetime of construction experience in the radio/TV industry, a great passion for 

mechanical things as I've build and restored old musclecars  since I was a kid. 

I've over 20 years CADD drafting experience; including 2 associates degrees, 

2 technical college certificates, and  a Bachelor's Degree in business from 

Faulkner University; and a firm belief in our savior Jesus Christ.  Amen!

Me at my favorite place in the world.

Me at my favorite place in the world.